The organisation of the IATS consists of a President and an Advisory Board of thirteen members, one of whom holds the position of General Secretary. All members serve for a period of two conferences, but for the sake of preserving institutional memory, the presidency changes in the years when the board does not undergo re-election.

IATS officers
Currently, Francoise Robin (Inalco, France) is the Acting President and  Ulrike Roesler (University of Oxford, UK) is the Acting Secretary General. Both will be serving until the IATS conference in 2026, when elections will be held.

The other members of the Advisory Board are:

As past presidents, Samten Karmay (emeritus, CNRS, France), Janet Gyatso (Harvard University, USA), Charles Ramble (École Pratique des Hautes Études, France), Tsering Shakya (University of British Columbia, Canada), and Hanna Havnevik (University of Oslo, Norway) also attend board meetings.