Panel 3: Bhutan-Sikkim

PANEL 3: Bhutan–Sikkim

Convenor: Jenny Bentley





Part I

9:00–9:30 Bhutan: The Political Role of Kidu

Brian Shaw


9:30–10:00 The 4th Zhwa–dmar–pa in Bhum–thang: Perspective on Religio–Political History

Kamilla Mojzes Éva


10:00–10:30 Carving Khenpo Ngaga’s Commentary on Tri Yeshe Lama: a project of the National Library & Archives of Bhutan

Felicity Shaw


Tea and Coffee


11.00–11:30 Stumbling on the Threshold: Annie R. Taylor’s Tibetan Pioneer Mission, 1893-1907

John Bray

11:30–12:00 Finding Yarlung in south central Bhutan. Myths, migrations and society: The community of Ngangla Trong in Lower Kheng

Françoise Pommaret




Part II

12:00–12:30 Pre-Buddhist Practices in the Monyul Area: a case-study from western Arunachal Pradesh.

Tim A. Bodt





2:00–2:30 Notes on the (Tibeto-) Monpa and Shertukpen Treaties with British India in the 19th Century

Lobsang Tenpa

2:30–3:00 Kóngchen’s Soldiers and Local Guardian Deities: Ritual Protection and Royal Patronage in the Religious Tradition and Political History of Dzongu

Jenny Bentley


3:00–3:30 The Bum chu occasion at the Tashiding Monastery, West Sikkim

Hissey Wongchuk Bhutia