Bergen travel info

Dear Participants,

We look forward to welcoming you to the Fourteenth Seminar of the International Association for Tibetan Studies (IATS) which will take place at the University of Bergen, Norway from 19 to 25 June, 2016.

The conference is hosted by The University of Bergen, and all events will take place near or around the university campus in the centre of Bergen. You can find more information about the conference venues here:

The conference registration will take place at the University of Bergen Student Centre. Below are instructions if you are coming directly from the airport by bus or if you are arriving in Bergen by train:

Take the bus from the airport to the city centre and get off the bus at the central bus station, which is the first stop in town. Tell the driver you are going to the bus station and he will tell you when to get off.

If you arrive in Bergen by train, walk from the train station to the bus station and then follow instructions from the bus station to the Student Centre below.

  1. Follow ‘Strømgaten’ in a straight line. The bus station will be on your left at the next intersection. Then follow the instructions on how to get to the Student Centre from the bus station.
  2. Cross the road at the intersection and follow ‘Strømgaten’ in a straight line until you get to ‘Allégaten’. Turn right onto ‘Allégaten’, and continue onto ‘Harald Hårfagres gate’ after just a few meters. Turn left onto ‘Hans Holmboes gate’, then turn right onto ‘Parkveien’.
  3. Follow ‘Parkveien’ and the Student Centre will be on your left within a few meters.

Directions to the student centre

Airport and Transport Information
Local transportation to Bergen City Centre from the airport:

Bergen airport is situated 20 km south of Bergen City Centre and it takes approx. 30 min by car/bus. Please note that you can pay your bus ticket by credit card.

Airport Express Coach (“Flybussen”)
At the airport the Airport Coach is waiting outside the arrival area, and during daytime the bus departures every 15 min (Saturdays every 20 min). Late at night there are departures approx. 20 min after your plane has landed. All scheduled flights (not chartered flights late at night) are being served by the Airport Express Coach in Bergen.

In Bergen city centre, on the way to the airport, the Airport Coach can pick you up outside Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, or Nonneseter Expressbusterminal (the terminal building). Please give the driver a signal.

Click here  to find further information about Airport Bus, timetables and prices.

The airport bus stops at all major hotels in Bergen city. Click here to view the bus stops

There are also several taxi companies operating from the airport. The taxi stand is located just outside the terminal

Bergen Taxi: 07000
Norges Taxi: 08000

Price range is about 370 NOK  (approx:  38 €)

Bergen Airport Flesland
Service center: (+47) 55 99 81 55


The local currency is the Norwegian Krone (NOK). Tourist places, shops, ordinary coffee shops, and restaurants accept cash only in local currency, but credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. Bank offices and cash machines are available at many locations in the centre of Bergen.

All Norwegian banks and major post offices exchange foreign currency. Currency exchange offices are also located at Bergen Airport Flesland and at the train station.

Credit cards
The use of credit cards is widespread in Norway and they are accepted almost everywhere.

Eurocard, MasterCard, VISA, American Express and Diners Club are the most commonly accepted credit cards. It is a good idea to check with your credit card company about the degree of acceptability and available services before you leave home.

Note that most food stores only accept debit cards.

The weather in Bergen in June is normally pleasant, but can also be cool. Bring an umbrella! For information about the weather in Bergen, please visit:

Electrical outlets
Norway uses electrical outlets with 220 Volts with two round prong electrical plugs (Type C & F). Most laptops automatically work with 220 V outlets but you can check the specification at the back of your laptop to be sure. Most apple products (MAC, iPhone, iPad etc) work fine with 220 V electricity. However, you might need an adapter to change the shape of your power plug to fit into an outlet in Norway.

Tips are not mandatory, however, you can give up to 10% dependent on your personal decision in taxis and restaurants.

General tourist information

Emergency Services
Police – Dial 112
Ambulance – Dial 113
Fire Brigade – Dial 110