Panel 25: Sowa rigpa (Tibetan medicine): contemporary and anthropological studies


WEDNESDAY 22 JUNE (Auditorium B)

Conveners: Geoffrey Samuel and Mingji Cuomu

 9.00-9.15: Opening of panel.

9.15-9.45: Mingji Cuomu: Deconstructing and reconstructing tradition: good manufacturing practices and the Tibetan medicine industry in China, 2001–2014.

9.45-10.15: Calum Blaikie: Social, economic and pharmaceutical dimensions of Sowa Rigpa ‘mainstreaming’ in Ladakh.

10.15-10.45: Stephan Kloos: Humanitarianism from below: Tibetan medicine and nationalism in global context.

10.45-11.15: Tea and coffee break.

11.15-11.45: Harilal Madhavan: Property rights of multi-cultural heritages: emergent forms of commercialization and property right issues in Tibetan medicine.

11.45-12.15: Tawni Tidwell:

Collapsing cancer: An hermeneutical and praxis-based comparative analysis of cancer and Tibetan medical etiological categories.

12.15-13.45 LUNCH

13.45-14.15: Mona Schrempf: Tibetan medicine/ Sowa Rigpa as intangible cultural heritage ­– developments and conundrums.

14.15-14.45: Nianggajia: The White Pill (rilkar): the history, production and perceived efficacy of a celebrated Tibetan medicine in contemporary Rebgong, Amdo.

14.45-15.15: Padma Gurmet: An overview of evolutionary phase of Sowa Rigpa in India after national recognition.

15.15-15-45: Tea and coffee break.

15.45-16.15: Susannah Deane: Sems nad, spirits and psychosis: an examination of smyo nad (‘madness’) in the Tibetan context.

16.15-16.45: Geoffrey Samuel: The interplay of religious and empirical aspects of Tibetan healing.