Panel 42: Religion and the senses


TUESDAY 21 JUNE (Room 304B)

Conveners: Robert Mayer, Carmen Meinert and Cathy Cantwell

 13.30-13.45: Opening of panel.

13.45-14.15: Katarina Turpeinen: Visionary manifestations and liberatory amulets in Rindzin Gödem’s Dzokchen anthology.

14.15-14.45: Ana Cristina Lopes: Seeing through your eyes: the senses, textual imagery, and notions of personhood and sociality in the autobiographical writing of Lha btsun nam mkha’ ’jigs med (1597-1650).

14.45-15.15: Carmen Meinert: Embodying the divine in tantric ritual practice: examples from Chinese Kharakhoto manuscripts from the Tangut Empire.

15.15-15.45: Cathy Cantwell: The ceremony for imbibing the siddhis, with particular reference to examples from Nyang ral Nyi ma ‘od zer’s bKa’ brgyad bde gshegs ‘dus pa.

15.45-16.15: Tea and coffee break.

16.15-16-45: Robert Mayer: Bon tantrism and the senses: the evidence from Khu tsha zla ’od’s Black Pillar (Ka ba nag po).

16.45-17.15: James Gentry: Querying the sensual in Tibetan religion.

17.15-17.45: Georgios Halkias: Reading Pure Land texts in Tibetan literature, gnosis with and beyond the senses.