Looking ahead to IATS-XIV

Participants at the Thirteenth Seminar of the IATS in Mongolia are encouraged to submit proposals for the Fourteenth Seminar.

According to the Statutes of the IATS:

“The IATS shall organize international conferences which shall take place every
three or four years. Such conferences will be known as “The International Seminar on Tibetan Studies” (herinafter “The Seminar”). The Seminars held under the auspices of the lATS shall be arranged by a local convener who will act during the Seminar as its Chairperson. The final programme of the Seminar should be determined by close consultation between the Chairperson and the President.”

In practice, proposals to host Seminars are presented to the Secretary General and successful bids are approved by the President following consultation with the Advisory Board.

Prospective conveners are encouraged to formulate their proposals before the conclusion of the Thirteenth Seminar, in collaboration with their chosen host institution. They should submit them to the Secretary General, Hildegard Diemberger, during the course of the seminar, and will have an opportunity to present them at the business meeting on 26 July.

If you are unable to locate the Secretary General during the seminar, please contact her via Sarah Teetor on the following local number: (+976) 883 30602.